Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday Monday

Now Monday mornings are worth waking up for!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emily Graduates

From the literacy center that is. And it was a little sad for all of us. We've had someone in the literacy center for the last 4 years and Kierra won't get to go for 2 maybe 3 years (they may change the starting age) so we won't get to see these sweet ladies anymore. Well, we will stop by all of the time to say hi, but it's just not the same. Emily is reading and writing so well and LOVES it! I will definitely have to do more with her and she'll do the summer reading program too! Emily, I can't believe you are registered and ready for kindergarten! I am so excited! Now, off to get those kindergarten shots! ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010


....bounce around the rim a couple of times and then IN!! Yes! Yesterday was Kaylee's last basketball game this season! (she did say she can't wait to play again next season). A week ago I was able to get a great video of her scoring, but of course a couple of minutes later is when I should've had the video going. With 6 seconds left in the quarter Kaylee got a rebound on one end of the court and dribbled it to the other end, shot it at the buzzer, and like I said it even bounced around a couple of times before falling in. Everyone talked about how suspenseful and fun it was! Oh how I wish I could be like my mom and record every minute of the game so that I don't miss those perfect moments!

Kaylee really did have a great basketball season! She was a little nervous during the first practice when she realized she was the only girl on the team, but luckily she knew most of the boys from school and even from her soccer team. She also had the greatest coaches that helped her feel so comfortable! They taught her so much! It was a blast! I am always so proud of Kaylee for doing things a little out of her comfort zone, learning so much, and having so much fun in the process! Way to go Kaylee girl!

We had fun cheering you on Kaylee!! Maybe someday we'll be cheering for you in the brown and gold! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Together Forever!

I feel so selfish being able to post what a wonderful weekend I just had! It wasn't even MY weekend--it was their weekend and I stole every bit of love and the spirit from it that I possibly could! :)

I have talked about Heather in my blog before, but we must talk about her again. Just look at how beautiful she is in this picture! This is how these 3 look all of the time. I LOVE watching them together.

Heather and Greg (oh wait, I have to say Bishop Spencer) :) have quite an amazing story and I was about to say with a happy ending, but of course not....this is just the happy beginning. Yesterday their sweet little Ellie, who they adopted 6 months ago, was sealed to them in the Mount Timpanogos Temple and then today she was blessed. This is a very special family with the most incredible spirit that you feel the second you walk in their home or the second you are around them. Heather will always have a special place in my heart. She is one of the best listeners I know. She has been such a strength to me and now to see her and Greg as parents has strengthened me more. I LOVE listening to them both share the experiences they have gone through....again, there is such a special spirit as you listen to them. Thank you for strengthening my testimony this weekend. I love being a mother. I love my children! I love Matt! I love the temple! Last night we were driving home and it was dark so we could really see the temple from the interstate. The girls wanted to drive by it, so of course we had to! How could we not take advantage of having a temple so close?! We turned off our music, took a little detour and drove by the temple?! I am thankful that I was able to tell my girls about my day in the temple with the Spencer family. I am so thankful to know that I can be with my family forever! Wow! Thank you Heather, Greg and sweet Ellie! Love you!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Heart Day!!

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Weekend! Friday night Matt and I were able to spend some time eating out, doing some shopping and most of all just being together! On Saturday morning Matt's parents came down from Wyoming and his brother's family came from Heber. We left all 11 kids at our house while the 6 adults went to the Timp. Temple. I have decided that going to the temple with your sweetheart for Valentine's Day is the perfect date! :) I was very happy to be there with family too! It was a great day! (Of course, I wish we had taken a picture!)

Now that we have 1:00 church we have enjoyed some fun hair websites--the other 2 had pretty simple hair as you can see below in our before church pictures. So, Sunday was perfect with heart hair, pink heart pancakes, pink milk, roses, Bananagrams and cards with Grandma and Grandpa, church and then dinner and great conversation with our friend Dee Dee (and Sydney)! We definitely missed the rest of the Schlappi family! (Kaylee was especially bored that night!)

The girls didn't have school on Monday so we cleaned the house and then drove up to Heber. Kathryn and I decided we'd take the kids bowling! We had such a great time! We can't wait for the new bowling alley to open up here! And then later that night we took the girls to see Princess and the Frog! (after Taylor's Family Home Evening Lesson of course) :)

So, hope that everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I'll consider last night at the movies with my BC friends as part of the Valentine weekend too! I know I was happy to be with family and friends all weekend! Love you all! ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


A week ago I heard a lady say, "Aren't you glad January is over? It was so anti-climatic after the holidays?" I guess she could have a good point, but I actually enjoyed January for that same reason. It was a relaxing month, but it went by very fast. I have been so behind in blogging. I really am going to try hard to avoid the catch all, update blog, but for January it is just going to have to be done that way.

Kaylee started basketball this month which she has really had a lot of fun with. She is the only girl on her team, but she knows most of the boys from school and has GREAT coaches that help her and keep her involved. I finally got a video of her scoring that I'll post later in a full basketball season post!

Taylor and Emily are still in gymnastics! They are doing it twice a week which they seem to be ok with. I worry about Taylor a lot because sometimes I wonder if it is too much, but so far she seems ok. They sure LOVE it!

We got our first legacy center membership this year. We figured we'd need to go swimming 17 times throughout the year for it to pay for itself and then the classes, weights and track are just an added bonus! I have had a lot of fun going at 6 in the morning and doing some classes and we have all had a blast swimming! The kids didn't have school on Martin Luther King day so we went to the Literacy Center's Green Eggs and Ham breakfast and then went swimming for nearly 3 hours! We had a blast! The pictures from the breakfast are with my cell phone....but can you see the green eggs? Yummy!! And then there is Thomas in his swimming shorts! That was the first time that we took him and he had a blast! We all slept good that night!

Some other pictures we have here are:
**Emily and Kaylee dancing....there is always a show going on at this house**
**Taylor and Kierra coloring....this is Taylor with her 100 days of school poster**
**Matt turning 33!! We set up Uncle Chad's old fish tank as a Christmas present and then on Daddy's birthday finally went and got a bunch of little fish**
**Another trip to Kemmerer to visit family and load more wood**

That was January!! Now I am officially caught up!! Coming up next....Kaylee playing basketball!