Friday, February 17, 2012

January 2012

January was just relaxing. We had a blast over the holidays! We loved traveling and visiting with so much family, but it is always great to get back to being just us with our usual routines.

The beginning of the month started out perfect with a Wyoming Cowboy WIN down in Orem!

Then a few days later we had some cousins come and stay the night!

The girls went back to school and I got to hang out with this little man!

Kierra and I got caught up on some shopping...including looking at some great area rugs for Grandma's new house!

We said good-bye to a dear friend. It was a good 12 years! (Ya know what...I had to take a was one of those first purchases as an either engaged or newlywed's passing had to be documented! I'm sure the TV will be next)

We activated our Pass of all Passes. The Frog Hopper is about the only exciting attraction at Trafalga in the winter and not all of us are real fans! :) We really need to head down to some of the other activities that the Pass of all Passes offers!

We played indoors!

And we played outdoors! This is IT for our snow adventures this year! Can you believe it?! Kierra (well...and Thomas for 5 minutes) was the only one this year to suit up. She played for a little bit and was hoping to play with her sisters more when they got home from school, but it had all melted by then! Crazy winter!

I kinda like nice, relaxing months like this! Sure makes getting caught up on the blog a lot easier!