Friday, April 25, 2014

January 2014

A new year!!  
Meaning we will all get another year older.
Some...a little older than others!

January is Matt's birthday month!  The kids always love to spoil their daddy!
January was pretty relaxing.  It is always nice to feel a little rejuvenated after the holidays and ready to take on new resolutions and routines.
School started back up and the kids were back in activities again.  The three older girls had their activities that I will post later. (Kaylee swim-team, Taylor gymnastics and Emily basketball) but they also had their school work:  
Book Reports
Animal Reports
Science Projects

And Art
Thomas and Kierra took swimming lessons!  They were awesome!  The best little fish!  I can't wait to get them going again in the summer!
This little guy never fails to entertain us!
The boys and I have fun playing in the day.  Because it's been so cold we ran to the church a couple of times to play and run around with some friends!
And believe it or not, even with the cold weather happening outside, girls' camp preparations do begin in January.  This was the design in the church parking lot as we left our first camp meeting!  Hopefully that means camp will be full of so much love....not snow!!  :)
One highlight of our month was having Uncle Dale come for his first of 2 trips to choreography the Lehi Children's Choir spring shows!  The kids always love him and it's fun for us to get to hang out with him for a couple of days!

And last but not least we FINALLY took the kids to see Frozen.  We were trying so hard to hold out until it came to the dollar theaters, but we couldn't take it any longer!!  We knew all the quotes, we could sing all the songs we almost watched it on the pirated version online but finally decided to just go!  We actually told the kids one Family Home Evening night that our treat was going to be to go to my favorite place, Smart Cookie (which is right by the theater).  The kids were mad...annoyed...I can't really remember...I'm thinking they wanted USwirl or Maggie Moos Ice Cream or something...but then they loved us again and had the best night!!