Friday, May 17, 2013

February 2013


Another pretty low key 28 days. 

Valentine's Day was even chill and relaxed.  Matt and I always try to do something as just the two of us for Valentine's Day, but really our kids just won't have it!  :)  They are our sweethearts too ya know!  So we went down to Matt's work, ate pizza, played games and hung out with just us!  It was really the best time ever!  And so simple!  Our kids are too much fun!
Emily had a pretty fun Valentine's Day Family Home Evening Activity for us the Monday before Valentine's Day!  Fun times!
Kaylee participated in the HAST swim meet...doing her first IM ever!  She is working so hard.  You can click here to see her videos:  I actually have some from a meet on January 31st.  She wasn't going off the block yet...and in fact really didn't have a good start at all in the first video....but then it's amazing how fast she caught back up to everyone.  Once she gets everything working just right...she's gonna be unstoppable. :)

For some reason we had all kids at that swim meet.  Yay for all things electronic!  :)
We are still working on potty training.  Bribery works...almost too well...because now we have found out that if we don't bribe...he won't do it!  GRRR!!  I yell!  I get mad!  I try extra love!  I try not to care!  We've tried it all...he'll get it when he gets it I guess! (and as I type this February post in the middle of May dare I say I think he's got the hang of it!)
Matt took a trip to Bryce Canyon with the Young Men. 
And we have lazy mornings in bed while daddy is gone on Scout trips!

We went to the annual Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast.  Always a must!
Field-trip with friends to Maceys!

Sunday naps!

And more snow!
And for some reason my February picture folder is filled with this face!!
We all just can't get enough of this little guy!
Brothers are the best!!
In February at 6 months old Isaac is starting to roll around and crawl all over the place!  Way too cute!  And making our lives way too busy all of a sudden!  :)  But we sure love him!
So happy February 2013!  This is our life!  Mostly happy!  Maybe I should take more pictures of the craziness.  The messy rooms.  The tears over piano practicing.  The van of gym bags.  Thomas' potty training...I'm sure you'd love to see some of THOSE pictures!!  It can be overwhelming at times, but what you see here really is our life!  We have such happy, fun talented kids!  We enjoy being busy, but we also really enjoy the simple times together as a family.  :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

January 2013

 I LOVE January!  Things slow down quite a bit and we can get back into routines and some resolution to do better!

January 2013 was pretty uneventful which makes blogging so easy!  :)

On January 1st we took the girls to the new Scheel's store.  Turns out Cabela's is just as cool, if not cooler but we can say we've been there.
After Christmas break I found so many videos and pictures on my phone and ipad.  The kids are really into making little documentaries and "how to" videos.  We can't quite figure out what we do different to make the video record sideways, but I just love Sunday afternoons like this when the girls are just hanging out, singing and giggling together!

So January was pretty chill...handstands....

 afternoon naps...notice the position of his hands...I had just taken my phone out of his hands so I could take this picture!  Ha ha!  :)
 Fun at gymnastics...both Emily and Taylor are in there somewhere...
 A Hilary Weeks fireside and new goals to be more positive in my thinking and my actions.
Snow days!  
And then unfortunately, back to school.  Kaylee looked too grown up here with her calculator binder and big math book.  This girl started swimming in December and had her 2nd meet in Orem in January.  I was going to post her videos, but I talk through the whole thing, so I will remember to be quiet from now on so we can show her off!
This guy was full of all kinds of new year's resolutions.  Crawling and eating real food!  He is too big.  This picture below was pretty funny!  Emily and I were trying to get him to crawl to his little toy that is sitting there on the blanket.  He tried and tried, but then eventually figured out that if he pulled the blanket, the toy would come to him.  Oh boy...too smart for his own good!  :)

The highlight of January is Daddy's birthday!  36 years old and where else would one go to celebrate!  WINGERS of course!  Happy birthday to the most amazing daddy ever!  Matt does so much for us and his kids love and adore him so much!  I am so thankful for his love and patience with all of us!  He is always so calm and reassuring about everything!  I hope we did enough for him on his special day!

And that's January!  Happy New Year!  :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emily's Baptism and Gardner Get-together!

After Christmas our Texas cousins came up to visit!  We were able to have a lot of our Gardner family come here to Lehi to meet up with them, play games and visit!

The cousins all had such a great time together!  We LOVE our Texas cousins and miss them so much!  They are growing up too fast!  My kids look up to their older cousins sooo much!  It was also fun to see a Wyoming cousin and our Heber cousins that we now have to call Rexburg cousins!  :) 
The adults had fun playing games and visiting!
Some took in a little nap too!  :)
The next day most of us went on up to Kemmerer, WY for Emily and her cousin Seth's baptism!  With Utah and Idaho baptisms only being on one day a month we were having a hard time figuring out how to have Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles be in 2 different states at the same time.  It worked out really good for both of our families to just have the baptism at Grandma and Grandpa's ward in Kemmerer.  It was fun for Emily and Seth to share this special day together!  We were so glad to have so much family there for a luncheon before and then a very sweet meeting to follow.
Emily sure looked angelic in the same dress that her mom, aunts, cousins and sisters have been baptized in.  We are thankful for the priesthood that her daddy holds in order for this ordinance to be performed.  The spirit is always so strong when watching these 8 year olds make this decision and go into the water and come out cold and wet, but so clean, happy and peaceful! It truly was the perfect ending to a wonderful 2012!  We have been so blessed to love, serve, have a baby, a baptism, compete, perform, work, play!  Everything!  Happy 2012 and now on to 2013!!  :)