Friday, January 29, 2010

Terrific 2s!!

As I sit here browsing everyone else's blog, sweet Kierra comes up and asks, "Where's Daddy?" I tell her daddy's at work. She asks, "Downstairs?" No, he's at his office today. She asks, "Why?" I tell her that he had to go in, but that he'll be back later. She looks content with my answer and says, "Hold me". I just had a full conversation with my cute little two year old. Now remember, my babes don't really start talking until 2--after that...they don't really stop! So this is kinda a first for Kierra and I! It was so wonderful and so fun! I do understand why people call it the terrible 2s, because believe me we have our moments, but wow do I love to focus on the Terrific 2s. This really is one of the hardest ages, but one of the best at the same time, just because these little 2 year olds are learning soooo much soooo fast and wanting to be so independent and use all of this new knowledge. I really do have a blast watching it!!

Right away I wanted to blog about it or put it in her journal, but my brain quickly goes through the whole procedure....well, I have to take a picture of my cute two year old (at least her hair is already done) with the camera that doesn't have batteries, which I need to charge if we are gonna see family this weekend, so I'd better charge the camera and get last weekend's pictures on before this weekend's pictures happen. So before the batteries officially die I quickly take a picture of Kierra, but hate the lighting and can't figure out my camera and realize I need to call my friend Sanae to get all of the notes from the class she taught. Oh, but she's probably just as tired and sore from playing basketball last night as I am, so I'll bug her after the weekend. :) Why do our brains do that?! (or is it just my brain?) It all turns into something so much bigger than a few sentences about my cute two year old who I am loving so much right now!!

So, now my new point, I have been planning and getting ready to put my blog into a book (we've decided on blog2print--thanks Heather!!) I've realized that I love having the pictures, and I especially love the videos which obviously can't be in a book, but I do need to write more and be okay with not having pictures in every post. I want to stay caught up really well so that each year will make for a great family book. I've noticed that doing a huge update post doesn't really work with the way the books are formatted, so I need to do smaller posts more often. I really want this to compliment our family journal that we write in every Monday, or possibly become that family journal. In fact, I'm really contemplating putting all of the journals on the computer which will make life so much easier when I have those days that I want to write the same things in each of the girls' books. Copy and paste is so much easier. (DJ--I may need to get some ideas from you on that) Anyway....there I go again, from one tangent to another.

Anyway, I LOVE blogging and I LOVE it even more now that it can be a huge part of our family history. Oh, and to go back to the very 1st point of this post--I LOVE the Terrific 2s!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wyoming for the Holidays!

Here it is finally!! The post from Wyoming! I will NEVER again forget my camera. The most annoying part is these cell phone pictures. They aren't the best quality that is for sure. Thanks to Mom and Danette for taking pictures and/or letting me take pictures with your camera!

So don't you love the -8?! It is COLD in Wyoming but once again we were extremely blessed with great roads. We left the day after Christmas to go to Kemmerer to be with Matt's parents. Matt's brother's family also came up and we all helped haul wood for their dad who had just had knee surgery. His leg may have been killing him, but he could still play the guitar!

We stayed in Kemmerer for church and Sunday dinner and then left for Laramie. Matt was able to work in Laramie Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week while the rest of us played. We spent most of our time with my brother Brian's two kids. Monday we went to the church to play basketball, and while I was busy beating my dad at a game of around the world, the kids decided to play Polar Express with the chair rack. If you look closely you can see Thomas on the floor about to get run over! They had fun!

Tuesday we went swimming at the rec. center. We definitely wore the kids out that day! We had a lot of fun hanging out with Oakley and Abby. Kierra and Oakley were good buddies!!

...and Wednesday we went sledding and then to a Wyoming Cowboys basketball game. Kaylee and Brennen wanted Grandpa to make the jumps higher. They had a ton of fun! I wish I had had a video camera!

We were also able to see my brothers Dale and Jackson (and Jackson's family). Again, I do wish I had taken more pictures. (ok--sorry--I'm done apologizing for that...I just have to get over it now!)

Thursday we went on to Cheyenne to celebrate the New Year with Matt's sister's family. We are pretty sure that we have spent every New Year's Eve with Danette's family! We always have a great time playing games, going out to dinner and just hanging out! Hopefully Danette and Curtis don't ever get sick of having us around on their anniversary though (Jan. 1st)! ;) Anyway, the kids had a blast! Below are pictures of Cole and his Spanish project! We will help Cole with his homework any day! Here he had to prepare, serve and clean up a Spanish meal. He did such a great job!

Poor Thomas had no idea where we were all week and if he was ever gonna see his bouncy seat or crib again. We really should have brought the bouncy seat for him and that would have made our lives so much easier! Actually, he really did do pretty well, and he had great cousins around all week to keep him entertained!!

So that was our week in Wyoming! We always have fun going back, but I do think we are done with week long vacations for a while! Wow--our kids did so great though with all of our holiday travels! We had a blast! Thanks to everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 33!!

Happy 33rd Birthday to the greatest Daddy and Husband in the world!

I love it when Matt sits at the piano. I bet most of you didn't know he actually plays and sings very well. :) Sorry Matt....the secret is out! Anyway, my favorite song he does now is the Cyndi Lauper song Time After Time. We really actually like the Tuck and Patti version a whole lot better, and it's finally on this playlist!! Anyway, the chorus of that song describes the person that Matt is to everyone, especially for me! Time after time he is helping me find my way and catching me when I fall. I love you Matt! I hope you have an awesome birthday!!

If your lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 months old!

Really?! 6 months already?! Now if he would just stop waking up in the middle of the night like a newborn! 6 months went by so fast and I am already getting so excited for spring and summer when TJ can ride in the bike stroller, swim, play catch or even walk around at the park or camping! Ahhh Walking--ok....I'd better slow down and enjoy the scooting phase! Oh but to finally get rid of the car seat! I love our built in car seats in the van and will be so happy to stop lugging him around in the infant one!

Anyway, here is Thomas scooting around a little bit:

And then some pictures of him with Emily and Kierra. We have fun during the day while Kaylee and Taylor are at school but that also means we don't get as many pictures of them. :( I'll have to be better at that. (speaking of pictures....I'm still working on posting our Christmas vacation....we're having technical difficulties) :)

Don't you love the Red Sox jersey that my Aunt from Boston sent?! I will have to send these pictures to her! So, happy 6 month birthday to our sweet smiley boy! We love you Thomas Jay!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog Books

So the time has come. I've been a blogger for 2 years now and a book or 2 needs to be made. I would love to know what any of you have done. What sites have you used? What's a good price? What is going to be the fastest and easiest? How much time do I want to spend? I'm very excited to combine this with our family journal that we write in each Monday. Will I be able to add that to the journaling I have here? OK you expert bloggers out there! I'm counting on you to give me the best ideas here!!

(Oh and sorry for the delay in our Christmas/New Years vacation post. I--the not so expert blogger, forgot my camera! I was not happy! :( I haven't been so motivated about getting pictures from my cell phone and also from my Mom and Sister-in-law. I am working on it though! But just to let you all know, we had a wonderful vacation, traveling around Wyoming!)