Sunday, May 25, 2014

Emily and Basketball

We really enjoyed going every Saturday in January and February to watch Emily play basketball!  She is quick and fun to watch.  Lately she's been practicing off and on with the 4th grade bantam basketball team.  She wants to do soccer and dance and everything!  It's kinda nice to have this team that she will hopefully get to practice with in the summer!

Of course we were pretty happy with the number she got!
Some action shots!  I'm really not good about taking pictures or video....I get to caught up in the game and yell and cheer too much into the camera!  :)
Matt and Kaylee got a couple of good shots of her scoring!  :)

 Basketball season is always fun!  We love our Jazz and a certain #35 for the Lehi Pioneers!
I know you want to dance so bad...but I hope this isn't the last we'll see of you on the basketball court!  Love you Emily!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Highlights of February

School is always busy, but the kids do so well at getting their stuff done on their own.  Kaylee took on the 6th grade science project all by herself doing a project on the effects of drag while swimming.  She did an amazing job making it to the district fair all on her own. It was a lot of work and she learned a lot!
Dad got to go with her on the sixth grade field-trip to the Clark Planetarium.
Taylor always has a book report she's working on.
And Kierra tries her best to get her reading minutes in.
I like that she is still little and still needs a nap every once in a while.  Her little dresses that she wore the first week of school are getting too small for her though and her teeth are falling out!  We are all starting to notice how grown up this girl is getting.   It's all bitter sweet!  LOVE HER!
Thomas had fun writing his name on all of the valentine's for his class at the literacy center.  
He was excited to feel all grown up and do a school thing that the girls do too!

This was just a funny picture and video from a text we sent to Grandpa Hoopes on his birthday!

 We enjoyed a fun Family Home Evening on modesty!

I think their creations were pretty impressive!!  It was a fun night!
 And running next door to show Courtney's mom!
Matt and I were able to get away a couple of times in February with some great friends!  First, box seats (that we almost didn't get to sit in...thus the picture of Journeys) to a jazz game :) and then about a week later dinner and Brian Regan in Salt Lake!  Fun times!!
The major highlight of February though was finally getting together with our Stauffer cousins!  Our kids are all the same ages...which is fantastic...except that they are all involved in the same amount of stuff and it is hard to get together.  This is one weekend we really planned out and said COME!  And they CAME!  It was so fun!  Dale and his friends even stopped in for a quick drive by visit!
The boys kinda have to stick together and hold their own with all these girls around.  Being outside on the basketball court was a great cure for that.
Because of course....a Stauffer/Gardner get-together wouldn't be complete without a dance show!!  It was one of the best yet and the video editing was even better!  The 16 minute show from Twin Dance Academy does have a link that has been shared with the VIPs....but I'm guessing some teens/preteens might not want me to go public with it.  ;)  We'll have to see!
Stauffers!  We are always sad to see you go! 
We love you and can't wait to hang out again!