Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lehi Roundup Week

The last week in June is our Lehi Roundup Week with activities nearly every night!  Monday night is the picnic in the park and “Lehi’s Idol”!  We enjoyed some pizza and voting for our favorite performers. 

Wednesday night was the cattle drive and then Thursday, the horse parade.  I didn’t get any pictures from those days.   Friday we all went to a water park and played.  This was where Taylor stuck her first back layout.  She was on a little bit of a slope, so that helped!  She was soooo excited!  I turned the video off too soon so I cut off her saying, “That was awesome!”  This girl loves to be flipping in the air.
It was sooo nice to be in the water on a hot day. Especially for me who was 7 months pregnant at the time.  I'm sure if I was writing about this back then I would have been complaining about the heat a lot more.  I have KINDA forgotten how miserably hot this summer was!  :)  This was a fun day though!  We brought a lunch and just relaxed!  The kids had a blast!
Later that night was the miniature float parade.

I wish I could remember what nights Matt was with us.  We also had Uncle Dale come down from Lagoon to join us for a cattle drive I think and Uncle Ryan was living with us off and on at this time so he also came to a couple of things with us.  Matt was biking a lot this summer;  I'll have to post more about that later, but I know he definitely missed Saturday's activities.
 On Saturday Kaylee and Emily were in the big parade with Jazz ‘n Place.  This was their last time doing something with their dance teams.  It was kinda sad to say good-bye to all of them, but they had a ton of fun and we had fun watching them!!  


We have been so blessed to live in Lehi!!  
We are 5 minutes from anything a big city can offer, but Lehi is still small town enough to enjoy these kinds of events and see lots of friends and neighbors!   It is always such a great week!  :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012


  The first weekend of June was DANCE weekend.  On Thursday night the girls had a huge recital down in Provo that Grandma Hoopes was able to come to!  Grandma was so great to have flowers for all the girls and little treats for everyone too!  The girls had so much fun!  They got to do their dances again on Saturday at the Lagoon competition!  Their teams did so great at Lagoon with Kaylee's group taking 2nd in their category and Emily's taking 3rd.

We loved watching the girls dance and they really enjoyed the girls they were with and the amazing teachers.  Jazz 'n Place won so many awards at both of their competitions this year, including best studio, best director and best choreographers.  Maybe the girls will go back to dancing, but Emily decided to do gymnastics again, and Kaylee is gonna give swimming a try!  It's so hard to pick and choose.  They love doing everything!  Way to go girls!!

Pictures from the recital!
Warming up at Lagoon!
 Lagoon awards!
Junior Prodigy Prep (Kaylee) at the recital:
Junior Prodigy Prep (Kaylee) at the Competition:
They also did this song at the recital, but this video turned out better.  All videos are pretty grainy...I wish I knew a better way to upload them.
And then here is Small Troupe (Emily) at the recital...they did this same song at Lagoon.  But this video has better close ups of Emily!  :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tyson Grey and the Snake

 Back to updating the blog!  We are now to June 2012!  My sister had her little boy in May and so we went to Rock Springs the first weekend in June to see him get blessed.  I hope DJ doesn’t mind me posting 2 pictures I stole from the family website, but here is her beautiful family!

There is always a special spirit in the Stauffer family home!  We LOVE our Stauffer cousins and wish we could hang out with them more.  We had a fun picnic at a park in Green River while we were there.  And with Uncle David around there is always some crazy adventure happening!  Tyson was definitely the highlight of our quick weekend trip to Wyoming, but the video below was a close second!!  Ya gotta check it out!  Love the Stauffers!  :)