Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

I can't quite remember where daddy was when the girls and I decided to set up the Christmas decorations. It was the day or so after Thanksgiving, so he must've been somewhere. Hopefully he didn't mind not being around for the beginning of all the festivities. We even had our own mini tree lighting ceremony! Tons of fun!

We usually spend our Christmas Eve doing something with the Heber cousins!
This year we went up there and had a ton of fun bowling, hanging out and eating yummy food!
(I'm starting to wonder if I should've asked for a camera for Christmas...or maybe I just need to learn how to focus better)

We always try to get back early enough to have some of our own family time complete with feeding the reindeer, reading scriptures, reading The Living Christ (which Matt made into scrolls a couple of years ago), watching THIS keepsake video from when Thomas was a baby and opening our Christmas pjs.

This year for the girls we stole a friend's idea and did sweat suits instead of pjs and I think this is an idea that might stick for years to come! It just seems like the girls always have plenty of pjs and these they are wearing all of the time! Super Cute!

Maybe I should've just stuck with the night time pictures, because man we look pretty scary first thing in the morning!
But hey...this isn't just any morning!! It's Christmas morning!! SMILE!

We were spoiled pretty good this year! I didn't take many pictures, but I think everyone was happy with what they got. (I know I sure like my new toy!) This little Thomas man left his train set for the little time we were at church and didn't step away from it again for the rest of the day! It was so fun to watch him and all of the kids!

The day after Christmas we left for Wyoming for a week. We stopped in Rock Springs to play with cousins for a couple of hours (not in the Wal-Mart parking lot this time!) and then we spent some time in Laramie with my family for a few days. I hardly took any pictures! I think we were all too busy staying connected to our new gadgets. We might have been a little too anti-social this trip! :) Sorry guys! Actually we did have tons of fun. It was great to just relax and be with family.

(...some boys may have eaten too much...oh they'll hate me for putting that picture on!)

We even took in a Wyoming Cowgirl basketball game which is always a plus!
On the way through the fieldhouse I had to try to take this picture of a picture in the window of the basketball offices!
Just above #10 in the picture on the left you can see the 4 crazies in the picture on the right! My mom, dad, sister and her husband at the NIT Championship game that the girls won in 2007. Matt and I are there somewhere, but our tickets are a little further away! Fun fun stuff!

Later that week we went on to Cheyenne to hang out with our Smith cousins for New Year's Eve! We have spent almost every New Year's Eve with this family and always have a great time playing games and hanging out! It was fun for me to do a musical number with our nephew in Sacrament Meeting that Sunday too. He is such a talented violinist! It was fun to play through some stuff with him!

We went back home on Sunday night and gave ourselves a day to recuperate before school started up again on Tuesday. We know that we are so blessed to have had such a good, fun Christmas! We are always thankful for such wonderful family and friends! 2012 is already about 1/12 of the done...time just flies!

Here are some fun pictures to close out the year!
These were taken with my new toy (ipad). It has kinda become the family toy...when I let them play with it!

Happy New Year!