Monday, November 28, 2011

3rd Grade Fieldtrip

Some of the cutest pictures of Taylor are all fuzzy...maybe I should be asking for a new camera for Christmas!

I had so much fun going on another field-trip! Again, I am thankful for good friends who watch my little ones as I have tried to spend a little more time with my school kids this year! It really has been a blessing to me and something I have enjoyed way too much!

I am a little embarrassed to say that in the 8 years we have lived in Lehi I have never stepped foot in the Hutchings Museum. This is really a neat and special place! Taylor and I had a great time with her class learning some of the history of the Indians, Porter Rockwell, plants, animals, fossils and other Lehi info. I absolutely love listening to stories and history of Utah and now especially Lehi! Sometimes on the right doesn't have a lot of the music that we have in our home but I just got so excited that they have this CD Joseph: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet! This has some terrific music on it! My favorite song is Emma...I cry every time I hear it (yes, like right now as I am listening to it and typing!). I really like The Rising...American Dreams...He Walked a Mile in my on them and listen to them....they are all so good. The first one is a fun Porter Rockwell song just for this post! :) For those that don't know...these are songs we don't normally worship too. The hymns of the Church are the basic music for our meetings and are standard for all congregational singing. This CD and many other modern LDS artists are just fantastic songs that I love to have in our home. Some have strengthened my testimony in so many ways! This Nashville CD is really fun and tells some great stories!

It was so fun to be with Miss Taylor Marie and her cute little friends! Her class is a small group because she is actually in a split class, so that makes it even more fun to hang out with them all! They are cute kids at such a fun age! Taylor and her little friends are always holding hands or have their arms locked around each other! They take such good care of each other! I hope they will all be friends forever and grow up together and do amazing things!
I love you Taylor Marie!
Thanks for letting me tag along!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloween 2011

I LOVE fall in Lehi! We had a wonderful October and such a fun and relatively relaxing Halloween!

The 3 older girls and I went to the annual Lehi Children's Choir Halloween party the weekend before Halloween! Kaylee has been nice to let her sisters tag along and hang out with their friend even if it is technically just a party for the older choir. We have a lot of fun playing crazy games and eating tons of food!

I have yet to do our school pictures this year to hang on the wall. Maybe I should just start using these instead because every year it seems I always get these exact poses and we can still see how much they've changed in a year. :)

I sure love the pre-printed jack-o-lantern idea. Where were those when I was a kid? I think they really turn out so cool!

Then Halloween was full of school parties, friends and fun!

Monday night was absolutely beautiful! The kids had such a great time! I'm always grateful that Matt takes the kids around...that way I was able to see some of my little nursery kids and everyone else too.

And then of course we had to finish off the night at the spookiest house in the valley! We had fun watching the computer screen as people would come up and scream! Kaylee was gone! She was so excited to hang out with her friends! They had been emailing back and forth about it the entire week before! I wish I had had pictures of them. We saw them for a split second here at the Iverson's, but didn't see her again until she came home with a pillowcase FULL of candy! And although she's not in the picture below, Kierra was here with us. Usually she runs right up to Brent and gives him a big hug....she was a little bit nervous of him this night!

So, we hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
I'm just super happy that I was able to get some amazing capes, masks and costumes in Wyoming for $1 a piece this weekend! Halloween shopping for next year is already done and the last of this year's candy is just about gone! :)