Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I should get Thanksgiving dinner, vacation and Turkey Trot posts up first, but this will be a much quicker post!

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Doesn't this get you excited?! So, let's make this an advertisement for 2 free concerts that you could take your family to this holiday season. My girls are in the Lehi Children's Choir that has their first performance on Tuesday, December 14th in the Alpine Tabernacle on American Fork's Main Street at 7:00pm.

Their second concert is on the balcony in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Monday December 20th at 4:00. This is a PERFECT family night activity. Free concert and then walk around Temple Square to see the lights!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kierra Ann Turns 3!!

Kierra Ann turned 3 yesterday. We just had a quiet Saturday with our family eating the Dora and Elmo cupcakes that she picked out and then opening presents and playing. Kierra really loved being the princess. At one time she tried so hard to be pouty, but she was just too happy...she couldn't pull it off! :)

Kierra has been so much fun lately. She says the funniest things! She wants to be soooo grown up, but yet still wants to be the baby! She is just too cute right now and I LOVE how her older sisters love her and take care of her. They can ALWAYS translate what she is saying way better than I can. There have been times when I have to say, "Kierra ask me again when Kaylee gets home." Because I know Kaylee will understand her! She is also such a great big sister to Thomas! She always looks forward to getting him out of bed and getting his drink for him. They play so great together (most of the time).

Hmmm...I think I'll just pull out a few stories and quotes from her journal about how cute she is! There are just too many to choose from.

Today we had your friend over and I heard you two talking and you said, “we are big girls huh?!”

You also talk about “tomalrow” and “yeserday”. Today you said, “I wanna play on the compooter for 3 hours yeserday”.

Your favorite song that we sing to you lately is, “I am like a star shining brightly…shining for the whole world to see….I can do and say…happy things each day….for I know Heavenly Father loves me.” Then right away you point to yourself and say “No LOVES ME!” then I say “No LOVES ME!” We go back and forth for a little bit and then we remember that Heavenly Father does love both of us!

(To go along with the singing story...the other day she asked me to pick the song this time. I went through 2 or 3 songs to which she kept saying no, not that one. Finally I started I am Like a Star and she smiled and laid down! :) I get to pick the song as long as it is the one she wants!)

Ok...more quotes...

Your favorite thing to say right now is “Noooooo……Fine! Like Charlie says, Nooooo…..Fine!” (it's from a tv show of course!) :)

today you really wanted to ride your “training wheel bike” the whole way. I was excited to do this, but worried about how long it might take us. I said Kierra how fast can you ride? You said, “Fast enough!” It was too cute and you sure did it! You were fast enough!

When I get frustrated with you not doing what you are asked I start counting backwards from 3. Today I was trying to get you to get buckled in the van and I said, “Kierra 3!” and without skipping a beat you yelled “2!” right in my face! Daddy asked if I got mad at you for it. I couldn’t stop laughing and besides, you got buckled right away which is what I wanted. :)

Ok...I was gonna wait and put this video on another day, but it fits here!

Yes, this video was VERY staged. Don't you love how willing everyone is to say the prayer?! :) But Kierra does the "no fine" thing almost every time and for a while we had to let her say the prayer every single time because she was just too cute! Besides, aren't the prayers of little children the very best anyway?! Some of what she says we can’t quite understand yet, but I know that when she is talking to her Heavenly Father in her sweet whisper that He hears her prayers and the prayers of all of my girlies.

Kierra Ann!
You are such a free spirit!
You are our entertainment!
You are a beautiful little girlie!
You are our princess!
We all love you so much!


(yep, this picture was from last night....she was wiped out!)