Friday, June 17, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Almost every year we have spent Memorial Day weekend up in Star Valley, Wyoming. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have missed the reunion up there. This year though we really wanted to go with Matt's parents and our Heber cousins to some of the cemeteries in Utah. We drove up to Kemmerer Sunday after church just in time for some card games and dinner...oh and SNOW! Yep...lots of snow. It was our four seasons Memorial Day weekend! Snow, wind, sunshine and rain! It was awesome though!

The next morning we woke up and went into Logan first, then Millville, Deweyville, Bear River City and Ogden. We did a lot of driving, but it was great to get to all of those sites, some of which we had never been to.

It was so fun to listen to Matt's parents share their stories. I love that my girls have done this and that they understand the sacred reverence of a cemetery. I love that they are learning the stories of their ancestors. At one point I was wandering around a little when Kaylee called me over to her and said, "Mom, she has the same birthday as me!" We had just gotten to Matt's Grandma's headstone, and Yes! This was Dorothy Elaine, who Kaylee Elaine was named after because she was born on the same day as her great grandma! Kaylee was so excited to see the picture and hear the stories. I still really remember when Kaylee and Taylor were born and right away Matt's mom said, "Kaylee is born on my mom's birthday." Then 18 months later..."Taylor is born on Grandma Sweetie's birthday". Taylor Marie was also able to see the headstone of who she was named after, her great great "Grandma Sweetie", Ada Marie. I was glad to get these pictures. It was really special for the girls to be there. The other kids weren't born on anyone's birthday, but we kept up the middle name tradition by naming Emily Lynne after both of her Grandma's with the same middle name. Kierra Ann has my middle name and Thomas Jay has Matt's and Matt's dad's middle name.

In Logan we stopped to take a picture of Grandma and Grandpa in front of the temple!

I don't think they minded "posing" for us! ;)

I really do have the best in-laws ever! We always have fun playing cards and visiting, and this weekend I really enjoyed listening to them talk about their parents and grandparents! It was a special time for our family to be with Grandma and Grandpa!

The girls had a good time with their cousins setting out flowers and looking around. There had been quite a bit of wind that day and so the older cousins were helping Kierra set up any flowers that had fallen over. Kierra did not want to miss any.

At one point Matt's Aunt and Uncle drove up! It was soooo great to see them. His Aunt said that one of her girls used to go around putting single flowers on graves that didn't have anything, or on the ones for babies. The girls started to do this and were really interested in all of the little babies. It really is amazing to think of how much heartache people even 100 years must've gone through. The pioneer stories we heard were incredible! I am always in awe!

I have always LOVED Memorial Day! It is a great time to reflect on our country and on the gospel. It is amazing to think about those who fought so hard for the freedoms and blessings that we enjoy today. It makes me want to be better and give so much more to my family. The drive home from trips like this is always the same. The kids sleep in the back and Matt and I can talk about all of our memories and what is to come for our little family!

We are so blessed! "We are so rich!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In the Classroom

The girls all had such a great year this year! They had the best teachers and some great friends! With 2 others at home I have a hard time getting into their classrooms and going on field trips as much as I'd like, but the girls are really understanding about it, and hopefully won't hold it against me later. :) We do have awesome neighbors though that Kierra and Thomas would hang out with while I spent some time with the school kids!

Kaylee was in 3rd grade and went to a school about 10 minutes away. We tried a program called Accelerated Learning Lab...or A.L.L. Kaylee really loved it and really excelled in it. We even had the best carpool ever....I only had to drive out there 2 afternoons a week and never in the morning. It really was a great year for her but in the end we did decide to bring her back to school with her sisters. She will really miss the friends she made there!

Kaylee's Talent Show April 7th

Field trip to "This is the Place" State Park May 13th

Parent's Day May 20th

Drama Class Play May 24th

Next up: 4th Grade!!
Way to go Kaylee!!

Taylor Marie was in 2nd grade this year and had a pretty cool class of 2nd and 3rd graders. Her teacher was soooo fun and seemed to handle the craziness of a split class pretty well.

March 29th Mulan with Taylor

2nd grade program May 19th

Next up: 3rd grade
Way to go Taylor Marie!

I just keep saying it....Emily was also lucky to have such a great teacher! All of my girls have been so blessed! These teachers teach them soooo much in the classroom and even come to their baptisms and their choir performances....they are just amazing! Emily had a great kindergarten year. She was known as Emily G. in her class with 3 Emily's. I guess like any kid, she mostly loved being with her friends, but she does like the school part too! ;)

Emily's poster April 4th

Emily's Talent Show April 8th

Crazy Hair Day May 19th

Kindergarten Graduation June 2nd

We started a tradition last year that I think will stick! The girls LOVED making quillos for their teachers and I imagine each year they will get better and better at it. I let them all use the sewing machine this time and they did pretty good!

It was a great year! The girls love school and will miss it, but luckily we live close to soooo many of their friends, so they won't be bored over the summer. Our schedule was a little crazy, sending Kaylee out at 7:30, Taylor out at 9, Emily out at 12:30, Kaylee coming home at 2:30, then Taylor and Emily coming home at 3:30. Then throw in early out days and minimal days! I didn't know whether I was comin' or goin'!! I will miss having Emily around in the mornings, but I really look forward to the early schedule and having all 3 girls go to school and come home from school TOGETHER!

And hey...if I'm really lucky...this one will still be taking afternoon naps with her brother! ;)