Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camping 2012

So we did it! We love camping and we really don't mind being in a tent! In fact it's very fun for us and the kids wouldn't have it any other way. However, as much as we really do love our big spring bar tent, this spring we had an itch to get us something different. We searched KSL classifieds for quite a while wondering if we really wanted a tent trailer. Or should we wait until we might have a suburban and get something bigger? (the vehicle decision making situation is a post for another time) :) Well, a friend of ours knew we were looking and one day Matt came home from work with this!!

The kids were sooooo super excited! Thomas couldn't wait to go "Comping"! We set it up quite a bit in our side yard before even being able to take it our for real!

Daddy and the kids slept in it a bunch and we spent many a Sunday afternoon just having lunch in it! :) (Thomas really is smiling below....this was in his "how do I smile for the camera?" phase!)

FINALLY!! We had a weekend to ourselves!! It was actually Father's Day weekend, which made it even more fun! We packed up our tin foil dinners on a Thursday night and headed up to Timpanogos Campground near Sundance.

We found a great spot...set up ladderball....played some cards....

made s'mores....

And smiled for the camera! It was perfect!!

The reason we stayed so close to home was so that Matt could still go in to town on Friday and work.
While he was gone the kids colored rocks....

Mom made lunch...

And we had a farewell ceremony for one of our longest lasting camp chairs! :)

The kids and I attempted to hike to Stewart Falls by ourselves. I think we made it a little less than half way before deciding to turn back and maybe go with Daddy that night. Here was our rest and turn around point. It was still a fun hike!

That night Matt came back from work and we tried the hike again! I'm so thankful we waited for him! It's not too bad of a hike, but much easier with a second adult. We ran into some friends from our neighborhood too, so that was extra fun!

It was a little late in the evening and we knew it would be dark by the time we got back so we didn't hang out for too long. I LOVE the picture below of my cute family! I'm glad that we have these fun times as just us! We have fun talks and sing songs! Even little Thomas and Kierra are tons of fun on these hikes!

The next day the kids painted a little bit more....

and got a little more dirty!

On our way home we decided to stop at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. This was fun and relaxing and felt soooo good on hot, tired feet! :)

I was a little slower than the rest coming back from the falls and this is how I found my family! :)

I'm thankful for these times with just us! There were a couple of weekends this summer where we just felt that need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and just be with each other! When we are just us it is amazing how great the kids play, get along, help each other, help me! They are pretty good at home....I don't want it to sound like they aren't, but I LOVE watching them just be with each other! It's perfect! It's heaven on earth!! :)