Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

My littlest sister, Abby, and her 2 boys came for the weekend! :) My girls had such a great time holding her 3 month old baby and just playing with her boys!

Friday before they came, instead of cleaning the house for our company ;) Thomas, Kierra and I went and played at the park with some friends! I was so glad to get out of the house that day, even though I knew we had tons to do. I needed an "it's the weekend...relax!" moment! I sure love these two!

Friday night our family went and did smores with friends. It was late and dark so I didn't get pictures! :( But Abby got into town in time to meet them. We then went home and relaxed for the first part of Saturday morning. Thomas had been up in the night, so Matt decided to stay home with him for the day while the rest of us played! Abby and I went to the temple and out to lunch and then we grabbed the kids and headed to Salt Lake.

The church history museum again!! :) I know I just posted about this place not too long ago, but we love it! We really will take anyone here and to the rest of temple square. Abby and her family seemed to enjoy it! :) The "God's Plan For His Family" video just gets better every time we see it! I can not seem to find online anything about the video, but just go into the North Visitor's Center and ask the sweet sisters to see this video (which is more than a video...you go from the mountains to a baby's room to Grandma's etc....it's so well done)! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the museum.

For our little cousin the highlight of the trip was the "train"! We rode the trax for just a couple of stops and back and that was all this little man needed in life! The rest of the day was fun, but OH the train! :) We had such a great time with Abby and her little boys! We hope it was worth the drive for her to come all that way without her hubby. We sure love them and hope they come again soon!

Abby left Sunday afternoon and later that night we went to Heber to stay the night with cousins and visit Grandma and Grandpa. We played some "Foisy" Rook and then the boys got out the guitars. We all slept in our tent which I should have taken a picture of because that might be our only "camping" experience this year. Sad, but true. We did other fun things, but next summer we will be better at making camping a priority!

Does three times make a tradition? This is our third year going to the Sheepdog Championships at Soldier Hollow and it is such a great day! The kids come with us Monday morning and run around to pet the animals and get free toys and candy. At lunch time we take them back into Heber and then the adults come back to watch for the rest of the afternoon! The whole thing is amazing! The way the sheep flock together, the way the dog and his handler communicate! It never gets old! We are all more amazed every year! Hopefully next year we'll have lots of friends watching it with us! We keep trying to recruit! ;)

It was a great Labor Day weekend and also a small reminder that summer is really done.
So many friends and family started school today and we've been in for a couple of weeks so that means that fall is here...wait! We officially have until the 23rd! Nevermind! We'll still go to the park today and play! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's a Dad to do?

Ha ha!! These are the last of the random pictures...Poor Matt! I'm sure he'd rather feel like a real man out on the range finding random antlers (or shooting at real ones) and riding horses with his dad! There are just too many girls that live in this house! He is such a good sport! Plus, them playing with his hair on a Sunday afternoon usually puts him to sleep...so I think he may admit that he doesn't mind! :)

I guess I'll share this last of my catch all posts with Matt. My one and only random picture is me with pink eye last weekend! Beautiful huh?! I should've taken the picture when it was swollen shut!

So that is it!! WOOHOO!! We are into September and into a routine! Journals are updated and all pictures are in the blog and documented! Bring on the fall and the holidays. I'm ready. Actually....don't come too soon! I'm still loving the warm weather and few thunderstorms! So as I type this it is actually the 29th...Monday morning...but the blog posts are all scheduled to go out every morning this week. This breaks it up a little bit....leaving my family in suspense....and then I can stay off the computer for the rest of the week. Now I'm off to declutter my house!! Hopefully by Saturday when this post is published my house will be immaculate and clutter free! Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2011


We can NOT get enough of this smile and this giggle!
We LOVE this little man! Enough said!
He keeps us all happy and sane! He reminds us that life is simple and fun!

He wants to be outside all day everyday! We were all so excited to get this great car at a friend's yard sale this summer.
However, he really prefers the pink and purple princess scooter over everything else. We might have to spray paint it!
We did move the training wheels from Kierra's bike onto my nice DI find so hopefully he'll figure those pedals out soon!
Keep smiling little man! You are soooo fun! We love you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Check out that smile!! She is somethin' else!! We love having a 3 almost 4 year old in the house! Kierra Ann definitely keeps us on our toes! One minute she is happy and independent and the next, tired and cranky. :) For that reason she does still take a nap about every other day! :)

Kierra loves clothes, dancing and posing for the camera! Sometimes I just have to giggle and say ok as she emerges from her room in the basement "ready" for the day. Sometimes it will be spots with stripes or warm colors with pastels or whatever she comes up with...always complete with leggings lately! Usually she does get it right!

The latest excitement for Kierra is that she can now ride her 2-wheeler without training wheels!!
We couldn't believe how fast she took off with it. We had to lower her seat quite a bit so she could feel comfortable getting her feet to the ground. We should probably raise it back up soon!

I had to add this first video just to show the pure (throw your hands up in the air) drama! :)

But here is the good stuff! This is about an hour after the training wheels came off! She is amazing!
Way to go Kierra! You can always do hard things! Never give up!!