Saturday, November 23, 2013

Projects, People and Piano

I am feeling caught up on the blog!  I know these posts are still about October, but really it's kinda nice to be a month behind because then I can just put all of the random stuff together in one post.  It had also been a while since I last typed in each of the kids' journals, so it's been nice to feel caught up and write little messages to them.  :)

So, like I said...this is all random, but this is what we did in October!

If this boy could stay in pjs and be on electronics all day he would!  He's quite a pro at Just Dance!
These girls had a state report and a birthday poster!  (I'm all about taking pictures, then throwing them away!)  :)
Emily decided to donate her beautiful long hair to locks of love!  UGH!  I should make daddy take them to do this stuff!  She's cute either way, but oh I love their long hair!  Mostly because I'm jealous that my thin hair takes forever to get to the length it is!
I took these pictures and posted a lot of randomness on Facebook this month!  I try so hard to eat well but if Costco doesn't help me out by limiting my one addiction then I'm gonna be in big trouble!  This got some fun comments!
As did these pictures!  I'm a license plate reader...maybe it comes from being a Wyoming girl and always reading the license plates to see what county each car is from.  I try to be safe when taking pictures of the random plates and other "things" I see when driving through town. But could I have not pulled the camera out on these?!
Senior night!  Even though it's soccer, my dad can still completely appreciate the emotions of these pictures!  Senior nights are something Dad and I always enjoy attending and crying talking about!  We all wish we could have seen more of this senior play! She was quite the fighter through a pretty serious injury!  Love her!
There was crazy hair day!  Sorry to the older girls!  They had some crazy hair too!
We've been decluttering a LOT!  Took this little thing to D.I.  :(  Just too big to store and no one else (on facebook of course) wanted it.

Got our concrete pumped up.  Shoulda taken more before and after shots...but it looks so much better than this now! 
Primary parties!  Kierra has some awesome friends and as you can tell the party was on a Friday!  (school spirit day)  :)
The busiest part of October was getting ready for the duet festival that happened on November 2nd.  The kids all did such a great job and Emily and her partner even made it to the honor's recital.  I had fun taking these pictures of my students who even had lessons on Halloween afternoon.  ;)  I LOVE these kids and am pretty mad that I didn't take pictures of them at the festival.  So these pictures of their backs will have to do as well as links to their videos.  :)

Kaylee and her partner.
On the left are some sisters I teach, I missed getting a picture of one other pair and then on the right is Taylor and her partner:
 Then my 2 boys!  Love these kids!  They work so hard and are so great to put up with their teacher!
 And finally Emily and her partner!  Everyone really did a great job on their pieces.  These two scored high enough to move on so I have both of their performances below.  At the Honor's Recital they only did the one song.
The honor's recital was on November look at that...we are already into November a little bit!  :) I hope to always stay caught up and make little notes about what the kids are doing either on the blog or more personally in my journals to them.  I have a couple of years of books to get printed still...the kids love to look at them...but I'm happy to be up to date and ready to post November!  Especially Thanksgiving 2013!!  Stay tuned!!  :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Halloween

This should be an easy post!  The pictures pretty much tell it all! 
We only had a couple of pre-halloween parties this year.  Taylor and Emily got to take daddy to their Activity Days Daddy/Daughter date!  I'm thankful for great friends with great cameras and amazing photography skills.  I LOVE the middle picture (taken by Nicole)! 
Our children's choir had our annual older choir Halloween party!  This is the first year we took a group shot!  These kids are such a blast to be around!
Our stake hosted the Stake Halloween dance this year so I got to watch the Youth Council set up and then I got to chaperone and see everyone in their costumes that night!  It was a great turn out; 381 kids from 6 surrounding stakes.  It was a great night!
Then it was finally family time!  It is so fun to check out facebook late the Monday night before Halloween!  Everyone is posting these exact same pictures!  :)  I LOVE it! 
Well...almost the same pictures!  We happen to be the computer nerds on the block!  We got one Halloween picture in there with Kierra's spider!  Kaylee was supporting her swim team and daddy got the other kids to do the others...making them think it was just a penguin, a window and an apple.  :)
Then there was the school parade on Halloween day.  So fun to see everyone!
The kids had fun picking out their costumes.  Kaylee and a friend really had fun putting their's together!  Everyone looked so great!
The older three girls had their friends that they went around with all night and Matt took the little ones.  It was a perfect fall night!  We were nervous that the cold would come, but the weatherman gave us one more day of happiness before the cold hit!  Maybe it would've been better to have had the cold though, because maybe they all wouldn't have come back into this house with the pounds and pounds of candy they accumulated!
Isaac didn't last long outside.  He stayed and passed out candy with me and Sadie!  He had fun!  I LOVE this video of them!

So...honestly, Halloween is really not at all, even in the slightest bit, my favorite holiday.  But it always ends up being tons of fun and the kids love it so to see them smile makes me smile!  Happy Halloween!