Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time for some Journaling

I haven't blogged FOREVER...which also means I haven't written in my journal or the kids' journals for almost this whole year.  I can't believe it!  I have missed 5 months of life and things have been fun and good and busy and I need to get caught up before summer starts.  I do have many excuses though...tons actually and they are good.  Here it goes:  The next thing to post is Taylor's Think Pink gymnastics meet in February.  Half of the pictures are on the other camera so I have yet to download them and although it doesn't take long, it's just annoying.  And I can't post out of order....that just messes with my brain.  Then, as I come to post, everything is changed.  I don't have any idea how to do a post in this new format, but we'll soon find out I guess, I just really hate learning new things on the computer...I always like all the old formats.  (Matt just laughs at me...on the inside of to not get me more aggravated!)  :)  More excuses...My calling....a wonderful excuse!  It's been pretty busy with both Youth Conference and Girls Camp a month apart.  I love my calling as secretary in the stake Young Women....any calling with the young women is my favorite!  They are the best!  Next on my list...I'm pregnant...with number 6, due on Sept. 6....The blog doesn't know this yet, however with Facebook, the rest of the world does.  Anyway, not much energy at the beginning of the year.  It doesn't take much energy to blog, but still, pregnancy kinda wiped me out there for a while.  Along with pregnancy came the changing of rooms and giving up my upstairs office to share the downstairs office with Matt.  I haven't taken pictures of this change, hmmmm....a post for another time.  :)  Anyway, I hate having the computer downstairs.  It's kinda tucked away in a corner where I can't hear kids and I'm away from everything.  We have been searching for the perfect desk to get it back upstairs in the family room where it is more accessible.  Until then, I check my ipad more often and don't feel the need to go downstairs and get anything else important done.  :)

How about that for all of those excuses?!  Family should be at the top of that list!  We are just busy and having fun!  But it does need to be documented, so I WILL get back on it.  I've missed the blogging world!  :)

So let's dump a few pictures really quick.  I'll skip the Think Pink meet for now...gasp....and just post our one other day in the snow back in February.  Oh, this new way of uploading is confusing me...I may need some blogger friends to help me out sometime.  I'm about to hit publish.  I have no idea how this will look, but I'm done with my excuses.  
Here's to finally posting something on my blog!  :)

Ha ha!!  Don't you just love how the snowman took up any snow that we had in the yard?!  That's how dry it was this year!  But hey...with the snow packed into the snowman we had snow for a couple of days...instead of just melting in a couple of hours!  :)