Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gardner Reunion (and the $200 game)

 At the end of July we were able to go to the big Gardner reunion up at the Heber Valley Camp.  Everyone always talks about how beautiful and amazing this campground is and I had never been there.  I had no idea how huge it was!  The missionaries there were so great and the whole place was just amazing!  

We had such a great time staying in the cabins and being with family.  One of the highlights was definitely the zipline!  The girls had such a blast!  Even Thomas got on just to swing a little bit!  I got a few little videos that I put together in one youtube video:   

The lake was beautiful!  The weather that weekend was perfect!  The cousins had a blast together!  It was fun to see Grandma out on a boat!
We just had a great time visiting and hanging out with everyone!  The kids always had something to do.  Matt's Aunts are always so fun to plan activities for everyone to do!

My kids were happy (even when it was time to clean up) and the little one even got some good naps in! 
It is always fun to see The Gardner kids together...especially singing and laughing!!  :)  I feel so blessed to be able to be part of this.  As always I have to do the camera shot around the "room" while the music is playing!  :)

After the reunion Matt took the kids up to Kemmerer where he taught my boy how to shoot.  I was not too thrilled when these pictures came up on my cell phone, but the boys had fun (even with a little cut and scrape) and everyone had a great time packed into Grandma and Grandpa's trailer!
And now...are you all in suspense about the $200 game?!  We were supposed to bring some games for some of the older kids to the family reunion.  We thought a jumbo size jenga game would be a ton of fun...and it was a huge hit and I'm sad that I didn't take any pictures of people playing it at the reunion, but I think Uncle Curtis still has the record!'s been a big hit in the neighborhood as well....and it's a good thing it has been well used and enjoyed because this $25 game ended up scraping the dashboard and hitting the windshield on it's way home.  UGHH!!  Stupid stupid driving mistake on my part, but it's all fixed now.  The 2x4s got cut, the kids love the game and I learned my lesson about listening to promptings of the spirit and my very wise husband!  ;)