Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

Doesn't this mean it's time for another cruise?!
We aren't really gonna wait 10 more years are we?

I am so excited to celebrate 11 years!
I feel like it wasn't that far away, but look at what babies we were here during our first Christmas together compared to now!

I'm excited because I did THIS blog that last year with some of our wedding pictures. (Jordan, when you get back from honeymooning, check it out! I had forgotten I used this song last year! :) cool huh?! And our anniversary's are the same week....let's celebrate together one of these years!) Anyway, I still need to go through all of my pictures. There are some really fun ones!

Matt, I love you!!
You are amazing!
I have sooooo much fun with you!
I LOVE watching you with our kids!
We've been married 11 years!
Happy Anniversary!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jordan and Kevin

There are these 3 girls that live across the street! (I had to steel this picture from their blog...hope it's ok) Every Monday (and some weekends) for about 6 years these girls have come into our home to take care of our littles. I don't trust just anyone with my newborns, but have complete faith in these girls that can put my kids to bed, clean up puke...including starting the laundry, understand holding off a baby for a nursing mom and of course playing with and loving our kids! My kids LOVE these girls....SOOOO much! These girls are the best and they come from the best family! And now one of them is getting married! AHHH!! TODAY!!! WHAT?!

These are the only pictures I took before and during the bridal shower!
I was having too much fun to take pictures!

We love you sooooo much and we are so excited for you!
Thank you for being such a huge part of our family!
Congrats girl! You deserve the VERY best!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break!

Ok...this picture was actually taken on February 25th which is still technically winter, but we did have snow on the ground this weekend too...the 1st days of spring break. We didn't have this much snow, but it comes and goes just as fast. Before the storm above, it had been beautiful outside. No snow at all and a little hint of spring in the air. But the snow came quick and my kids were out there at 7:30 in the morning getting as much playing time in as they could before it melted, which ALL of it did before they even got home from school. CRAZY!

I took the following pictures of my front yard on Wednesday because I was scared my spring happiness would be covered in snow when all of our guests came last weekend. I wanted to have proof that spring was kinda in the air. :) I LOVE when the fall bulbs start to bloom and luckily the beautiful color could still be seen even in the snow. My brother's girlfriend did comment on how pretty our snow was here. We said, "yes, because it comes straight down." Actually Lehi wind does blow in some good storms, but I do feel the warmth of summer coming soon!

So what do we do when the storms dampin' our style?

Well this picture was taken one Friday when we couldn't find any friends to play with. Everyone seemed to have something to do....but we put smiles on our faces and we just make the most of any storm that comes our way!

We do usually manage to find good friends to do crazy things with.

We color!
And watch movies!

And cartoons!

We shop! (ooops....I mean dream--this was a cell phone picture sent to daddy at work)

The leprechaun came to visit!

And we play ball inside!

And when the weather decides to cooperate....
We play ball outside!

And ride horses!

And finally run outside with our new Garmin GPS watch!



And it is wonderful!

It is 8:30 on Tuesday morning and Kierra is still the only kid awake! It was so wonderful to just relax yesterday and again today. I think we might go swimming today and then we have big plans for the rest of the week with some great friends! We can't wait!

Hope your spring has been just as unpredictable and fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great to be 8!

Taylor has been counting down the days to her 8th birthday and her baptism for a very very long time! We took the pictures above way early for an invitation card that she wanted to give to everyone. This day was soooo special to her and she wanted all of her closest friends and teachers to be a part of it, and they were. We had so many wonderful friends and family there to celebrate her special day!

She was beautiful and glowing! As they introduced Taylor they used the words sensitive and kind. I think her Dad gave them those adjectives and I LOVED it. Yes, sometimes being sensitive in this house can be a little dramatic for all of us girls, but I had to look up the word sensitive to find how it really describes Taylor and I LOVED this definition I found saying that sensitive is being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others. Taylor is always thinking of others which goes along with a great definition of kind: of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature. That is Taylor Marie!

Taylor wants me to write about how cold the water was! (even Matt had cringed a little) :) But most importantly she says she, "felt good when she got out of the water". She is our little angel!
Love you Taylor Marie!

I just found the picture above. Taylor was baptized in the same dress that my mom made for me (yes, that's me) and my sisters to be baptized in. Now her sister and cousin have been baptized in it and hopefully all of the other girl cousins will too. She was beautiful!

Taylor's birthday was Monday so we celebrated with just our family on Family Home Evening night. For the girls' 8th birthday the plan has been to get them a scripture case and their own scriptures and hymn book with their name on them. Again, Taylor has been soooo anxious to pick out exactly what she wanted! She got many other fun gifts and of course phone calls from friends and family!

Then the cousins started coming! Because my family was going to all be at our house, Matt's sister and her family stayed in Heber with Matt's brother. We were able to visit with them on Thursday and then they came down on Saturday. I'm sad I didn't take pictures there. Friday was when the Hoopes side starting coming into town. The cousins always have so much fun together and of course....a show is always in the works. I took some video and the only one with all of the "original cast" (other cousins joined later) is the one making fun of a certain Justin Bieber. :)'s cute though!

Taylor has been a very good journal writer for a while now and here she is among the commotion at the church anxiously getting started on the new journal her Grandma G. got her. I am excited to type some of my thoughts in the journal I have for her about her special day. Many special things were said in her confirmation that I never want to forget and that I hope she will remember forever also. It was a special weekend!

Thank you Taylor for being such a wonderful, beautiful example to all of us!