Sunday, March 20, 2011

Piano Festival

Gardnerkids are back! Maybe it has a lot to do with March Madness, or just the busyness of life. Mostly it has to do with me trying to stay off of this computer so much. Either way...I know I have been missing in action, but hopefully it won't take me long to get caught up. Unfortunately this post won't show up in any blog book, but these videos are for the grandparents to see (and anyone else of course).

I LOVE teaching my girls piano! So far it has been really really good! Kaylee's lessons are always Wednesday afternoon and Taylor and Emily are always on Thursday morning. We are all pretty good at remembering to practice and they always love to just sit and play their own stuff on their own time. There are many times where they'll start plunking away and I'm about to say..."No piano"...just because I think I don't want the extra noise, but almost always I stop myself and remember that this is exactly what I want. Them to enjoy the piano!

On March 5th they had their solo festival. This was Kaylee's 2nd and Taylor and Emily's first. They were each judged on 2 songs. I was an auditor for this session, so as I tried to keep paperwork and stuff organized I was a nervous wreck for my little girls, but they did amazing! I was so excited for them! The judges gave great feedback and we all came away smiling (well, except Kierra....she has a hard time sitting for that long!) :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Game Day Gold

We just repainted! isn't ours but believe it or not, it is a house in Utah County! (7 blocks east of us)

That was just a little bit of sunshine in our world of blue and red that we live in here. Most of the time it is the blue that my girls are swarmed the special guests at the boys' jazz read-a-thon. (who actually weren't able to come I guess)

Red swarms us a little bit too, but they have some fans that are nice enough to bring us some brown and gold with our ages on them!

We actually really love the fun rivalries that we have with friends and family down here. It's been kinda sad to see the conference shake ups, because we know those rivalries won't ever be the same. Either way, we try to do all we can to raise our cowgirls and cowboy right and show them how to cheer on the brown and gold!

Here we have a little bit of the chicken dance while watching the Cowgirls in Provo last month!
We'll be cheering on our Cowgirls and Cowboys tomorrow and into the conference tourney!

Ragtime Cowboy!
Talk about your Cowboy!
Ragtime Cowboy Joe!