Friday, January 25, 2013

Fall Break 2012

Fall means Football season!!  
And some rivalries will never die....
While some are just beginning....
 So, as much as we LOVE all of our cougar, ute, aggie, bronco (am I missing anyone?) neighbors :) we had to get back to Cowboy Country!! 
For Fall Break we took off to Laramie for UW's Homecoming weekend!

And this little man got to go to his first game ever!  :)
 It looks like a beautiful day in this picture Matt took from my parent's seats, but by halftime it had started to pour...maybe even a mix of snow...I can't remember now.
 But I'm getting ahead of myself!  We got in late Wednesday night and Matt spent all of the next day with my dad doing sprinklers.  My mom, who always had an amazing yard at the old house, has NEVER had automatic sprinklers!  With the sod coming and winter soon to follow this had to be done right away!!
 After the work was done we got to play!  This is the "out building" or the "out house" or the "shrine to all things Kiwanis and Laramie baseball"!  Call it what you is my dad's dream come true!  On one side of the building is a big garage where the tractor sits as well as a work vehicle or two.  On the other side is the indoor batting cage where dad has already started decorating (is there a manlier word for that?) with his baseball caps!  He'll have trophies and jerseys and pictures and other things up eventually. 
 Thomas' dream come true was to ride the tractor with his grandpa!  
For weeks before we went he kept talking about and could not wait!!
 I look like I just rolled out of bed in this video, but at least you get a sense of the WIND....I mean the property that my parents now live on.  You can see the house...part of the out building and then we are heading down the hill to the baseball field.  Right now it's all dug out, but someday when it's finished I'll go down and get pictures.
 On Friday, we went a little further west into Cheyenne to visit Matt's sister's family and do some birthday celebrating!  As you will see...Kaylee got to celebrate her 11th birthday all weekend!  Starting here with her cousin Skylar who was also having a birthday!
 Saturday was the Homecoming parade and game!  It pretty much rained all day, but it was still a fun day!  
The kids got to ride in the bus for the parade where LDSSA did a flash mob! 
 These two boys hung out a ton together! 
 And the older cousins did what they do best!  This is what Grandma's big basement was built for!  Plays, plays and more plays!!  The oldest cousin is the coolest boy ever!  After him a whole slew of girls were born and he just puts up with them and is such a good sport!  They all have a great time together!!
 On Sunday before we left we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa, came home for the usual roast and potato dinner and then celebrated Kaylee's birthday again!
 And because her birthday was really on Monday we got to celebrate yet again with just us while we were back home!
 We loved being at Grandma and Grandpa's house!  It was the perfect weekend getaway!  :)