Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And the parents

Other than the traditional Christmas "making out" pictures that you will get to see in the next post these are the only 2 pictures of Matt and I from October to December!  Fun stuff right!

Matt is just the man!  I should've taken a picture of him in the kitchen because that is where he seems to have been a lot with all the craziness of a new baby and busy life.  He does so much around here to keep things going.  Below he was reconstructing a downstairs closet that I have just never loved.  (His work calls that his scarlet letter shirt...it has something to do with computers and google or AngularJS or something)  :)

And below is the only picture of me.  Beautiful right!  After 6 babies (8 pregnancies) I think my body has about had it.  To make a long story short and not so TMI my veins have been beat up and I had a couple of surgeries to get some coils put in.  It kinda made for a crazy December, but we had a lot of help from good friends and I am SO thankful to have gotten it done!  Now I have no excuse...planks and burpees SHOULD get easier right?!

So...that's gotta be the most bizarre post I have ever done!  :)  There are more pictures of us I guess...they just happen to be part of all the other posts that are centered on our kids!  So Christmas is coming up next and then Emily's baptism and then 2012 is in the books! (well..as soon as I get online and get the book made...oiy these projects!)

Monday, April 29, 2013


Where does the time go?!   These are all pictures from 2012 and I just look at these little faces and miss how little this man used to be!  I LOVE cuddling the little little babies and he just doesn't cuddle me right now...he's ready to go go go...always on the move.  Isaac Matthew has a smile for anyone he sees...especially the pretty girls at church!  :)  He sure lights up when people talk to him and he always makes us smile with his sweet little personality!
 He LOVES bath time!  We've taken him to the swimming pool a couple of times now and he just LOVES to splash around!
He LOVES babysitter time!  This friend across the street comes to watch him every Monday!  They'll be good buddies forever!

And there is that smile!  Wow!  We sure love having this new little life in our family!  LOVE YOU ISAAC!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Matt did the pictures above!  it really makes me laugh!  Thomas shares a room with Kierra and this is just how it is!  He loves his older sister, but he is sure excited to share a room (someday) with his little brother!

I don't have many pictures of Thomas from the end of last year.  :(  I need to remember to take more. But this boy is just really growing up right under our noses and I feel like I'm missing so much!  Sometimes he'll come up to me and really carry on a big boy conversation and I then realize how big he is really getting!  Usually I think of our family as the 4 big girls and the 2 little boys and I forget that Thomas is actually way closer in age to Kierra than to his baby brother.  I need to remember that I could send him to kindergarten in a little over a year if I wanted to.  (that July birthday throws me off)  Anyway...here are a couple of pictures of our little man!  We sure love him!  He LOVES his big sisters...He has such a special relationship with each one...especially Kaylee.  He is also a great big brother to "his baby Isaac". 
This boy LOVES church!  He had the greatest nursery leaders and is now a Sunbeam!  It did take him a couple of Sundays to get used to being in the big primary with new teachers, but now he loves it and can't wait to go in!
I sure love these little faces! "LOVE YOU SIGNS!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Kierra Ann also celebrated a birthday at the end of 2012!  And again...Kaylee threw the party!
Kierra is 5 and all ready for kindergarten!  She's had her shots, her physical and the paperwork is all turned in!  She can't wait!
She has some fun friends that came to celebrate with her!
She also got to run to Build-a-Bear to pick out some new clothes for a bear she already had!  :)
Kierra Ann is my little buddy here at home!  She helps take care of the boys and even makes us all lunch!  I will sure miss her when she heads off to school in the fall.
However, she is gone a lot as it is.  She and this little friend are together all the time!  What would we do without this little one and her family across the street?!  Kierra has some pretty fun friends in this neighborhood!  She is our little princess...always wanting to be in a dress and wanting to grow her hair out like Rapunzel's!  :)

Kierra!  We love you!  We love how big you are getting all of a sudden!  It's fun to see you run around with your older sisters!  They sure love to hang out with you!  And they especially LOVE your smiles and love you signs as they leave for school everyday!!  You are such a fun little, big sister!  :)  "LOVE YOU SIGNS!!"

Monday, April 22, 2013


Don't let that sweet, innocent face fool you!!  This girls is full of so much random spunk and personality!
Emily Lynne turned 8 in December!  She was excited to get her new set of scriptures with the scripture case that she picked out!  Then she couldn't wait to get baptized which will be the last post of 2012!
This year seemed to be the year of friend parties!  Kaylee has decided she is gonna make a business out of throwing parties...she does a great job!  Emily has so many great friends that came to celebrate with her!
The Party Planners  :)
I don't have a lot of pictures of Emily from fall to December 2012.  Emily has had a busy year this year though.  She is the one with the most homework and lets us know weekly how unfair that is.  :)  She plays the piano so beautifully and has started going to gymnastics with Taylor.  We'll have to make sure to take more pictures of that this spring with her exhibition and other things.

Emily is really becoming her own little person!  She is a little bit of a tom-boy with tons of girl in her!  That probably doesn't make sense.  But the girl can goof off with the best of 'em and yet be so sweet, gentle and kind.  She is a great big sister!  She is always so good to step in and help when we need her!  I LOVE the way Isaac is looking at her here!  We think he looks a lot like Emily's baby pictures!
In preparation for Emily's baptism we took a few pictures for invitations. 
It was just too hard to choose our favorites!  I wish I had a better camera for stuff like this!
Emily Lynne!  You are so beautiful...inside and out!  We love your silly giggle and quirky sense of humor!  :)
You always have such spiritual things to add to our family discussions.  We love to talk with you and listen to what you have to say!  Thank you for being so sweet and wonderful!  "LOVE YOU SIGNS!"  :)