Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jackson and Mindy

July 28, 2012
Wedding of
Jackson and Mindy

A perfectly, beautiful day!

The anticipation of seeing the bride and groom come out of the temple doors was just killing us!  
 So happy!

 We are so thankful that Mindy and Kelsey are part of Jackson's life and of our lives too!  We love all 3 of those kids and have loved seeing the cuteness that is Jackson and Mindy!  LOVE THEM!!!
Jackson and Mindy were married in the Denver temple, the same temple that Matt and I were married in 12 years ago.  
We had to get our own family picture there.

We were weeks from having baby Isaac, so we didn't make it back to Laramie for the reception the next week, but we sure had fun at the little luncheon right after the wedding! 
 What could this conversation have been like?  :)
The clean up crew was pretty cute!!
 Kierra could not stop staring at the beautiful bride!  
I hope Kierra and all of our kids will always remember the special feeling of this day at the temple.  
I hope that they will always remember how special the temple is and that families can be together forever. 

S. piritually
M. inded
I. s
L. ife
E. ternal
(2nd Nephi 9:39)
 Caught red handed!  Oh those sweet innocent nieces!  :)
 Ready to drive off into eternity! 

We knew that Jackson and Mindy were ahead of us on the drive back from Denver to Laramie.  They were going to stop off in Laramie and then leave for their honeymoon.  Well...when we all pulled into Laramie and walked into Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen this is what we found!  These silly romantics...for their 74th date...decided to redecorate Grandma and Grandpa's house!  :)
 The sunset as we all left Laramie was absolutely stunning.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend!  Congratulations to J,M,K,D,C!!  We love you soooo much!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thomas turns 3

Thomas is the KING of our house here!  His 3rd birthday (July 13th) was such a big hit for him and his sisters!  We all love to spoil our little man!
We had a small party for him here at home...
...before we decided to make a last minute trip to Laramie (without Daddy) for my 15th high school reunion.
We celebrated his actual birthday in Laramie with Daddy on the phone and lots of cousins! 
 Uncle Jackson even gave Thomas a new hair cut.
I wish I had been a little bit more picture happy on this trip.  I only took one of us looking at Grandma and Grandpa's new house.
And this was the only picture I got of my reunion...this was in my van after the fact when I realized I didn't take any of the night.  I think a couple of friends took a few the next day on the parade float.
And on our way out of town I thought I'd drive by our old apartments.  There were people sitting on the porch of our 1 bedroom, so I thought I'd better not take pictures of them, but here is our 2nd apartment...where we lived when Kaylee and Taylor were born.  
 It was a quick, last minute trip, but fun to get away!

Once we got home there was another present waiting for Thomas.
 We hope he had a fun birthday!  He really is the king of our house!  I LOVE how much the girls love him and want to do everything to make him happy!  I love how he makes us all laugh with his boyish ways!  I always used to hear people talk about the old cliche of how instinctively different boys are than girls.  This boy really does make everything into a sword or a gun....and his sound effects!  He is definitely his daddy's boy!   Happy Birthday Thomas Jay!!  We LOVE you!!