Sunday, December 28, 2014

LCC Spring 2014 Shows

Usually the title of my May post is "May Mayhem", but my May picture folder really doesn't look too overwhelming.  Either we learned how to handle the craziness that this month can be, or I just enjoyed the ride and didn't take as many pictures!  :)  

Our big focus in May are the Lehi Children's Choir spring shows!  3 shows in 4 days!  So fun!
The Younger Choir did Dinostars!  Kierra was a Diplodocus!  She is a fantastic singer and dancer and did great telling her joke.  "What do you get when you cross a pig with a dinosaur??  JURASSIC PORK!"  :)

 Kaylee and Emily were both in the older choir show called S'cool!
(their videos are too big for the blog so I had to upload them to youtube)
Emily was the girl that is so in love and always ditches her friends for her boyfriend!  The boy she sang and danced with filled in for us at the very last minute and did a great job! 

Kaylee was the math teacher and part of the administrators!  Always trying to solve the kids problems and convince them that being a great teacher is the perfect profession to aspire to.  :)

We are so thankful that the Lehi Children's Choir is such a huge part of our life and our family!  Even my brother and parents are very involved...Dale is the choreographer and my parents come every year!  We have great memories together and we've made the greatest friends!  We love the Stambaugh family!  Catherine is the greatest director!  She loves the kids so much!  The kids are easy to love though!  We love LCC!!

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